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Belt grinding

Intelligent industrial grinding for various applications

We rely on the work of professional grinding machines for the belt grinding of stainless steel parts. This allows us to produce remarkably fine surfaces with a roughness of just 0.8 micrometres. Our machines are capable of machining stainless steel plates with maximum dimensions of 6,500 x 3,000 millimetres. The granulation of the grinding belts used for belt grinding ranges from 36 to 320. This process lets us create extremely smooth surfaces with an extremely fine appearance. After completion, we are always happy to protect the smooth result of our stainless steel grinding against scratches and other damage with a film upon request.

Belt grinding – work with smooth results

Perfect work results are among the key goals that we set ourselves. Few areas of our everyday activities display perfect work results as impressively as in belt grinding. Our modern stainless steel grinding machine enables us to achieve exceptionally smooth surfaces. The use of different sanding belts with different granulations allows us to produce surfaces with different roughnesses for different applications.

Belt grinding gives components visually appealing as well as functional surfaces, which can be adapted to the specific purpose of the finished part as well as your individual requirements. All of our surface finishing activities in the area of stainless steel grinding and all steps of the process are characterised by maximum quality and precision. Starting with the use of high-quality sanding belts through to a meticulous final inspection; our comprehensive quality controls extend across all areas. The aim in belt grinding is to produce premium results that meet even the highest standards.

High-quality sanding belts ensure smooth surfaces

We exclusively use high-quality sanding belts for stainless steel grinding. Their special composition makes them extremely durable and they deliver premium results. Another important aspect of stainless steel grinding is that the use of these sanding belts ensures that the belt grinding process does not result in unwanted deposits of extraneous rust. Our sanding belts help to ensure the absence of extraneous rust after stainless steel grinding. For example, this can occur when using sanding belts that contain ferrite. But, our belt grinding technology rules out any formation of extraneous rust.

We use sanding belts with different granulations to be able to produce surfaces with different levels of roughness. The granulation that we use for stainless steel grinding ranges between 36 and 320.

Optimum surface protection

Whenever surfaces are finished with belt grinding, this normally takes place because they will subsequently be used in the hygiene, pharmaceutical or food sector. This ascribes a certain level of importance to stainless steel grinding that must be protected in the factory. Upon request we can therefore take appropriate measures after stainless steel grinding to protect the ground metal from scratches and other damage.

Once the sanding belts have done their work, this protection generally involves the application of a special protective film. This reliably adheres to the ground surface, is extremely tear-resistant and ensures protection during transport and further processing. Ideally, it is only removed by the end user so as to provide optimum protection for the results achieved during stainless steel grinding.

Your benefits:

  • Especially smooth surfaces
  • No formation of extraneous rust
  • Additional protection by special protective foil (on request)

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