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Precision grinding

Working with the narrowest tolerances

As a service provider, we have over 50 years of experience in machining stainless steel plates, and our high quality awareness has enabled us to establish a good reputation in the industry. Precision grinding is a key component of our service catalogue. As many components need to be produced within extremely narrow tolerances due to their subsequent intended use, this requires the use of special machining techniques, such as precision grinding, in order to achieve satisfactory results. Wet grinding is a popular method in the area of stainless steel grinding.

A powerful precision grinding machine at our headquarters in Netphen-Deuz (Siegen-Wittgenstein district) allows us to machine stainless steel plates and cuts with dimensions of up to 2,000 x 1,000 x 150 to the narrowest thickness tolerances. We are able to achieve exceptionally high accuracies using the wet grinding method. Besides flawless surfaces, our main focus in precision grinding is on the narrowest thickness tolerances, flatness and parallelism. The activities using wet grinding technology are performed on powerful CNC-controlled grinding machines.

Wet grinding – ensure the best possible quality

In our company, stainless steel is ground under the strictest quality criteria – supported by state-of-the-art machine technology. We perform precision grinding in line with our customers' requirements and under constant supervision – regardless of whether this is for individual parts, prototypes or series production. The aim of our wet grinding activities is to guarantee the best possible quality. This process achieves flawless surfaces as well as the strictest tolerances with regard to flatness and parallelism.

Precision grinding – achievable values

Grinding stainless steel continues to be a challenge, even once you have gained our level of experience. Precision, accuracy and the pursuit of the highest quality are important requirements when aiming to achieve premium wet grinding results. For example, highly-qualified employees and powerful machinery enable us to achieve a flatness of 0.2 millimetres on the contour. Our know-how makes the results that we can achieve in precision grinding clearly visible. For instance, we are able to achieve a roughness value of 1 µm, while our thickness tolerances range in the dimensions of ± 0.05 millimetres in stainless steel grinding. At the same time, we achieve a value of 0.1 millimetres for the parallelism of the two surfaces over a length of 0.5 m.

Your benefits:

  • Very high accuracies
  • Impeccable surfaces
  • Thickness tolerances: ± 0.05 mm

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