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Intelligent warehousing

Modern warehousing guarantees the availability of stainless steel plates

As a market leader in stainless steel plates, we consider our warehouse – and our stock – to be the centrepiece of our company. Due to the quantity of stainless steel plates and the associated availability for our customers and clients, our warehouse is considered the best-stocked in the entire industry. For our customers from various sectors, we stock around 3,000 tonnes of certified rust-, acid- and heat-resistant stainless steel plates in all established current standards. From our stock, customers can choose from plate thicknesses between 3 and 150 millimetres. We stock stainless steel plates in sizes up to 6,000 x 3,000 millimetres. Larger sizes are non-stock items which we are naturally happy to deliver at short notice upon request.

Stainless steel plates – focus on customer requirements

We are fundamentally focussed on the requirements of our customers and offer tailored plate cuts. Flexible manufacturing services enable us to offer stainless steel plates in standard sizes as well as allowing us to manufacture individual dimensions that can immediately be dispatched. While efficient process chains and integrated and perfectly coordinated work steps demonstrate our market leadership in warehousing, quality stainless steel plates and logistics services; we also boast fine-tuned and refined ordering processes, which allow our customers to order stainless steel plates in small, medium and large series at short notice. We are also happy to take on recurring orders.

Customised plate cuts – intelligent warehousing

Stainless steel plates are high-quality materials that are valued and processed by numerous sectors. The high quality and rust-resistant property of stainless steel plates means that they can be flexibly used for indoor as well as outdoor applications.

We cover the short-term demand for stainless steel plates with the help of refined and intelligent warehousing – and are always in a position to meet our customers' wishes. As an expert in cutting stainless steel plates, we precisely adapt the material required by our customers to the desired dimensions.

Modern high-bay warehouse

To be able to quickly deliver orders on time across Europe, we have invested considerable resources in a modern and automated high-bay warehouse. This is where we store our stainless steel plates. The capacity of this high-bay warehouse, which is unique throughout Europe, amounts to a huge 360 storage bays. Our stock of stainless steel plates amounts to around 3,000 tonnes. This enormous scale impressively demonstrates the capacity of our modern high-bay warehouse.

To keep our warehouse availability and the associated stock at a consistently high level, we fastidiously ensure that the high storage capacity is maintained at all times. This allows us to manage demand peaks. At the same time, our high warehouse availability of stainless steel plates enables us to quickly and flexibly respond to our customers' wishes without making a fuss. As stainless steel plates do not have an expiry date or a maximum storage period, we consider our stock as well as the high-bay warehouse a tool that promotes customer satisfaction.

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