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TOP CLEAN – perfect surface cleaning

Protects machines during further processing

High-quality stainless steel components pass through various processing steps before they are ready for installation or delivery. For protection, or for processing reasons, special auxiliary materials are used to prepare the materials for further processing. Further processing can also lead to various types of contamination. Our TOP CLEAN offer completely removes these substances from the surfaces without any residues. We use a special process to ensure perfect surface cleaning. The stainless steel parts pass through thorough cleaning processes before further processing in your facility. This protects your machines during subsequent further processing.

Possibility of immediate further processing

The benefits of TOP CLEAN are obvious: the implementation of our described cleaning processes saves you and your suppliers time and effort, because, the stainless steel parts that we deliver can immediately be used for further processing without any intermediate steps thanks to the meticulous surface cleaning. The surface cleaning of our processed parts is also an additional option in the contract manufacturing service that we offer. Irrespective of the specific service area in which you decide to make use of our TOP CLEAN offer, the benefits are the same: as the surface cleaning is performed mechanically and is fully automatic, the costs involved are minor and are quickly amortised due to the reduced time and effort for you, including the associated reduction in personnel costs.

Powerful cleaning facility

Surface cleaning also has another benefit. The further processing of surface-cleaned parts protects your machinery, because impurities increase the wear of expensive plants and systems. At the same time, surface cleaning permanently rules out optical and material defects on stainless steel products.

The surface cleaning of stainless steel parts takes place before further processing – directly after the work steps that we perform. We use a powerful cleaning facility, which is also able to clean the surfaces of very large parts. For surface cleaning, we use tools that are perfectly aligned to the specific surface. If certain dimensions are exceeded, we revert to manual surface cleaning techniques. However, in most cases, the fully automatic cleaning of parts before further processing is possible, even for large lot sizes. The cycle time for surface cleaning is short and does not place the timely delivery of the product at risk. Another benefit: the fully automatic cleaning of the parts ensures a consistent surface quality, because the parts are always treated with exactly the same settings. Surface cleaning before further processing is possible for all lot sizes – from an individual part through to large series.

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