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TOP SAFETY – clean and safe edge protection

Rounded plates ensure occupational safety

Occupational safety and robust processes play a key role in modern production environments. And this is expected to increase in the future. To improve safety, we offer our customers TOP SAFETY. The clean and safe protection of stainless steel plates minimises the risk of injury for your employees. We provide two alternatives to ensure maximum safety: edge protection for stainless steel plates and rounding. Given that sharp-edged plates are difficult to handle, we rely on this procedure to offer our customers viable safety solutions for effective protection.

Rounding and edge protection for plates are an effective measure for significantly reducing the risk of injury. Edge protection for plates and the rounding of plate edges allows employee injuries to be virtually eliminated. This leads to a significant improvement in occupational safety. The risk of cut injuries is reduced.

Rounding in a single step

The benefits of edge protection for plates and rounding are obvious: both enable the safe further processing of stainless steel plates. To ensure maximum safety, we use powerful special tools to cut the extremely sharp plate edges. Rounding takes place in a single step so that the edges of the stainless steel plates are evenly rounded. Upon request, we can round plate edges on steel plates of all conventional dimensions and thicknesses. The use of modern machinery guarantees maximum precision and consistent quality.

Edge protection for stainless steel plates

If no rounding is desired, we can use the edge protection process for stainless steel plates. The ideal solution for further processing is best discussed in a personal conversation. Edge protection for stainless steel protects thin plates against damage, such as buckling at the sensitive edges, during transport. While this is helpful during transport, it also protects your employees from injuries. Wherever maximum caution between man and material requires special attention, edge protection for stainless steel plates ensures better efficiency of the processes and higher cycle times.

Effective edge protection for stainless steel plates generally consists of flexible plastic profiles that have been adapted to the specific plate thickness. They securely enclose the edge of the plate and do not slip, even during transport. The removal of the edge protection for plates is relatively easy. After removal, the edge protection for stainless steel plates can even be reused.

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