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A mission statement as a foundation for our success

We enjoy a strong position in the German market as a result of our wide range of services and know-how that has built up over many years. As a modern company in the stainless steel processing industry, we draw great responsibility from this success, which we handle with competence and self-assurance. This combination results in a strength that we have been able to develop into market leadership in Germany. Our great reputation in Germany has also benefited us in our international activities: these days, our products and services are also recognised throughout Europe. We are considered the most effective owner-operated stainless steel service centre in Europe – and offer our customers the most wide-ranging and largest product portfolio.

Our actions are aligned to a fixed set of values, which are unwaveringly focussed on the goals and interests of our customers. As a result, we are completely committed to using the resulting strength in the service of our clients. A fundamental requirement for close collaboration is communication that is aligned to the specific goals. Together with constructive cooperation at the work level, this leads to durable partnerships on an equal footing, which can mature into genuine guarantors of success with long-term collaboration.

As a team – and also as individuals – we stand shoulder to shoulder with our customers. The work on high-quality and demanding solutions and products is our driving force as well as our motivation. We consider our company-wide performance, quality and service mindset to be the basis for joint growth and sustainable business. A high standard across all areas is one of the key pillars of our success. Sustainable and close relationships with our customers, premium products, fairness in our dealings and reliability at all times: these parameters have allowed us to establish our good market position. And we want to use these to continue building on our success now and in the future.

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