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Components for fan construction

Sheet metal working for the highest standards

The ability to create complex contours with the various cutting processes saves our customers in fan construction time and money in production. They receive components for high-quality stainless steel fans from us, whose precision in design results in a better end product. Fan manufacturers have relied on our sheet metal processing and know-how for decades. Because this makes us a valued service partner for fan components that are not only reliable, but also efficient!

Components of high-quality stainless steel fans

On request, we manufacture complex components and complete kits for high-quality stainless steel fans in all dimensions and variations for our clients. The areas of application are as diverse as the possibilities of sheet metal processing. Our sheet metal processing can prove its efficiency with fan blades as well as with housings or numerous other components. We support you as a holistic problem solver.

  • Fan construction

Strengthen the market position of our customers

Our customers from fan construction don't just benefit from premium quality in sheet metal working, we also strive to strengthen our customers' market position with outstanding flexibility, absolute commitment and binding delivery reliability. This goes well beyond the scope of traditional sheet metal working. While our multi-faceted and qualified sheet metal working department makes an important contribution to strengthening our competitiveness, we are also able to offer a range of other services. For example, our high-bay warehouse houses a huge selection of high-quality stainless steel plates. This means that we can quickly deliver stock goods, which can be ordered without additional sheet metal working.

High quality standards in sheet metal working

You can rely on us when it comes to quality. All of our parts have to meet our high in-house quality standards. Our modern and flexible machinery enables us to process small, medium as well as large series orders for our customers from the fan construction segment. This is made possible due to the smooth interaction of all our processes. Our processes are seamlessly integrated based on the principle of 100% performance. For example, no time is lost when parts leave the sheet metal working department and are transferred to logistics. Our logistics specialists start preparing for the transport immediately after the sheet metal working processes have been completed.

Increasing importance of logistics services

Speed and flexibility together with premium quality are key parameters that are a common thread across all our departments. This not only affects the vital sheet metal working department; the area of logistics is also becoming increasingly important. Delivery reliability is just as important as sheet metal working – both departments need to be able to perform at the highest level.

Seamless documentation

To ensure premium quality across all processes, we prepare seamless documentation for fan construction as well as for all other sectors. For example, this includes the documentation of the delivery of the stainless steel plates as well as the individual sheet metal working steps. All steps in our company are clearly documented. For example, all quality controls are also recorded. This creates transparency and enables our customers to promptly continue processing of our semi-finished products.

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