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Outstanding material properties

Sheet metal working for the food industry

Stainless steel sheets have excellent material properties that make them a preferred choice for use in the food industry. Not only are they durable and robust, but due to their hygienic properties they can also permanently withstand harsh conditions such as contact with raw food or cooking oils without affecting the taste or quality of the prepared food.

Our decades of experience in sheet metal processing have made us a valued partner for companies in the food industry.

Sheet metal processing with the highest quality

With high-quality processes in stainless steel sheet production, we guarantee the necessary precision for further processing and customised solutions. With modern machinery, we ensure quality at the highest level!

Tightest tolerances for your stainless steel sheets

Regardless of whether we process sheets by cutting, sawing or grinding - it is ensured that the narrowest tolerances are maintained. Reworking is no longer necessary in most cases.

  • Food industry

From sheet metal working to further processing

Precise sheet metal working for the food industry is integrated in a continuous process chain. After sheet metal working and checking the quality, we transfer orders from our clients from the food industry to the logistics department. From there, the components are directly transported, which means that, as a rule, deliveries can occur promptly after sheet metal working without any issues. Our efficient and smooth interlocking processes ensure that there are no unnecessary delays. This saves time, costs and human resources on both sides.

Align processes to customer requirements

As a company, we are very familiar with our customers' process chains and are aware of the importance of parameters such as just-in-time and delivery reliability. This is another reason why we align our logistics processes precisely to the needs of our customers and make an important contribution to supporting our clients' production processes. Our modern high-bay warehouse allows us to process orders immediately after ordering – regardless of whether sheet metal working is required, or stock goods can be sent directly to the shipping department. The high availability of high-quality stainless steel plates, efficient sheet metal working and our logistics services all contribute towards the great benefits offered by our company. Our customers benefit from our performance as well as our commitment and reliability.

Support customer corporate objectives

We maintain a clear position on our interests. We support our customers' activities to achieve their corporate objectives without exception. The reason for this is quite simple, because, after all, if our customers are successful in their competitive market environment, then so are we. This guiding principle is a common thread across all areas of our company. Material quality and sheet metal working; both are critical for the quality of our products, but the logistics department also does absolutely everything that it can to ensure that our customers from the food industry can remain flexible and successful.

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