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High-quality products for industrial furnace construction

Sheet metal working to the highest standard

Industrial furnace construction places a number of different demands on the material used and its machining. Depending on the type of furnace, the stainless steel plates used may need to have certain properties in order to ensure long-term and optimum functionality. An extreme challenge for industrial furnace construction, because furnaces need to perform a range of different tasks.

Stainless steel sheets in industrial furnace construction

A high carbon content and the alloying elements chrome, nickel, aluminium and silicon ensure that our heat-resistant stainless steel can withstand any application. We attach great importance to matching our stainless steels precisely to our customers' operating conditions.

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Challenge for sheet metal working

Material properties, such as rust-, acid- and heat-resistance, therefore make our stainless steel plates perfect for use in industrial furnace construction. This is complemented by the sheet metal working options that we can provide our clients from industrial furnace construction. Together with our highly qualified and motivated employees, we offer the whole range of high-quality sheet metal working. A key feature of our service are the flexible options that are available. They are greatly appreciated and valued by numerous clients from industrial furnace construction. Our high-quality and reliable sheet metal working activities together with our modern machinery means that we are able to manufacture premium quality series production parts for industrial furnace construction. Any order peaks that arise are managed with our usual aplomb.

Transparency for industrial furnace customers

We never compromise on quality. Whether sheet metal working or logistics – we place high demands on quality across all departments. Ultimately, the fact that we are certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 is proof of our understanding of quality. At the same time, this certification is associated with numerous documentation obligations, which we are happy to meet for our clients from industrial furnace construction as well as other customers. Our seamless documentation includes our sheet metal working activities as well as all processes and activities performed for a part. These records provide transparency and clarity.

Increase efficiency – improve performance

Our stock, including the modern high-bay warehouse, is the centrepiece of our company. It is also the key for our fantastic flexibility. This directly benefits our customers and clients from industrial furnace construction, because stock goods can be transferred to the logistics department immediately after ordering. The logistics department then prepares the transportation to our industrial furnace construction customers without any delay. If our customers from industrial furnace construction require sheet metal working, they also do not need to fear any delays. The manufactured semi-finished products are transferred to the logistics department immediately after completion of the high-quality sheet metal working in order to ensure smooth and integrated transportation. As a result, clients from industrial furnace construction benefit from our seamless processes, because they are an important part of our identity. This means that we do everything we can to support the objectives of continuity and functioning production processes targeted by industrial furnace manufacturers.

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