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Expertise for oil and gas processors

Customised sheet metal working with high precision

Substances such as oil and gas place high demands on stainless steel plates. For various reasons, they often need to be extremely resistant and durable. This is due to the chemical composition of oil and gas as well as the fact that sensitive materials can also be affected. Another reason is that it often involves environments that are characterised by high pressures. All in all, this places extremely high demands on a material. Stainless steel plates have proven to be particularly effective in this respect. In particular, their good material properties make them ideal for use with media such as oil and gas. As a result, we are a long-term and valued quality partner for individual sheet metal working when it comes to safety in the oil and gas business.

Rust- and chemical-resistant, heat-resistant stainless steels

Stainless steel sheets have proven to be particularly suitable due to the high demands of the oil and gas industry. Their good material properties predestine stainless steel for interaction with media such as oil and gas. As a quality partner for the individual sheet metal processing of stainless steel plates, we have extensive knowledge of rust and chemical-resistant, heat-resistant stainless steels. That is why we are a long-standing and valued partner when it comes to being safe in the oil and gas business.

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Modern machinery for high-quality sheet metal working

Modern and powerful machinery enables us to provide high-quality sheet metal working at the highest level. The incorporation of the latest findings in relation to the manufacturing techniques used for sheet metal working is a challenge that we set ourselves every day in a continuous process. This directly benefits our customers in the oil and gas sector. Our interest in innovations in sheet metal working ensures that our services are essentially at the cutting edge of manufacturing technology. We believe that these activities are an inherent part of our business. Given that our stainless steels can come into direct contact with oil and gas, we consider our commitment to the latest technology to be a fundamental prerequisite for safe environmental conditions.

Support customer competitiveness

As is the case in all other sectors, the oil and gas market environment is characterised by fierce competition. Time is money – and can therefore often be decisive for success or failure. We are very familiar with the mechanisms of competition and have aligned our procedures precisely to this mechanism. We don't just impress with speed, without losing sight of quality criteria, in sheet metal working; our clients from the oil and gas sector also greatly appreciate and value our logistics services. For example, the close integration of sheet metal working and logistics ensures a continuous process across both departments without any loss of time.

This significantly reduces the time between the material order and the arrival at the client's location for further processing and results in a mutual benefit. This type of approach helps to provide the best possible support for the market position and the competitiveness of our customers from the oil and gas sector. We call this "100% Performance". These kinds of actions create trust and are based on short decision-making paths, flat hierarchies and absolute commitment.

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