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Complex service portfolio – everything from a single source

Competent. Reliable. And fast. ROSTFREI-STAHL offers its customers from a diverse range of industries high-quality stainless steel machining services, such as plate cutting and grinding activities. Intelligent services and a comprehensive warehouse complete the service portfolio.

Plate cutting – everything from a single source

At our site in Netphen-Deuz, in the district of Siegen-Wittgenstein, we offer our clients a whole range of manufacturing services so that you can obtain everything from a single source. In the area of plate cutting, we combine all established methods under one roof. Specifically, these are:

Plate machining – all services from a single source

Besides plate cutting, we also offer additional methods for machining stainless steel. Specifically, these are:

Stock – all stainless steel plates from a single source

Our modern high-bay warehouse permanently stocks around 3,000 tonnes of high-quality rust-, acid-, and heat-resistant stainless steel plates for our customers. The range of stored materials includes all sizes and standards. We stock plate thicknesses of between 3 and 150 millimetres. The size of the plates cut ranges up to 6,000 x 3,000 millimetres. We are always pleased to deliver non-standard sizes and dimensions upon request.

Services – all services from a single source

All services from a single source means: we also take over the transportation of the cut plate. To do so, we cooperate with international logistics companies. Deliveries in Germany generally take place within one to two working days – within Europe, in three to four working days. Delivery dates are always based on the time of completion of the products, ex-factory.

In addition to our first-class warehousing and logistics offer, we also offer other TOP services. Specifically, these are:

  • TOP CARE – Individual packaging solutions
  • TOP PROCESS – Documentation of all services
  • TOP CLEAN – Surface cleaning before further processing
  • TOP SAFETY – Rounding and edge protection
  • TOP HANDLING – Deburring before dispatch

One-stop shopping at Rostfrei-Stahl saves time and money

  • Services

Hardly any company today has the time to take care of a large number of suppliers. Standard stainless steel sheet from one supplier, customized stainless steel sheet from another, then someone to do the finishing work such as grinding or straightening - the coordination of a wide-ranging supplier structure ties up manpower and causes avoidable costs. Concentrating on just one source of supply enables you to make ordering processes leaner and significantly less time-consuming.

With our one-stop shopping concept, we offer you everything from a single source: standard blanks, sheet metal cutting and a comprehensive range of processing services for your customized stainless steel sheets, delivery capability at short notice and direct contact persons who will support you with their technical expertise in the event of queries. We accompany you from the initial enquiry to the finished sheet metal cut, thus bundling resources and competences. This accelerates work processes and reduces the time and costs for customized stainless steel sheets.

High range of manufacturing

A high vertical range of manufacture forms the basis for the fulfilment of complex tasks in the expected quality and quantity as well as within the agreed time frame. Not only the individual work steps play a role, but also adequate warehousing, optimal coordination in order and project management as well as fast response times in the production of customised stainless steel sheets.

Economic advantages

Our large stock of pre-material ensures that we always have the right stainless steel available for you. In addition, thanks to our technological leadership, we can offer you the optimum cutting or separating process for your customised stainless steel sheets for every requirement. This, in combination with our comprehensive processing and services, enables you to realise an economic advantage through consistent supplier consolidation.

No loss of information

You can conveniently order customised stainless steel blanks from us in our online shop. With the help of a guided process, you can easily communicate your specifications to us without having to fear time-consuming loss of information. As soon as we have received your order, we will cut your stainless steel sheets to size, carry out any further processing steps you require, such as grinding or straightening, and send your cut sheet to you as quickly as possible. In the meantime, you can fully devote yourself to your main business.

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