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TOP CARE – customised packaging

Direct identification without logistical hurdles

With meticulous attention to detail, precision and intelligent solutions, we ensure that you can make even better use of our high-quality products. To do so, we offer you our renowned high quality as well as a range of additional services. TOP CARE is an intelligent packaging solution that we use to protect plates and other materials manufactured from stainless steel at our customers' request. 

Individualised packaging offers better protection

The selected individual packaging is customised for the specific product. While stainless steels are extremely tough and resistant as well being a durable material, safe transport should still be ensured, and the plate packaging effectively protects the material against transport damage. One of TOP CARE's primary objectives is to protect the surface.

Individual packaging – for additional safety

For example, for ground plates, appropriate plate packaging can make a significant contribution to ensuring that no scratches or streaks arise on the sensitive grinding pattern. This type of plate packaging is the method of choice for particularly fine-grain grinding. Besides reliably protecting the material, the individual TOP CARE packaging contains another important safety aspect. Individual packaging or plate packaging, which we produce for you, not only protects your valuable asset, it also takes on a logistical role. Individual packaging or plate packaging make logistics processes simpler and more efficient. That's because the individual packaging receives a label or a barcode. The individual packaging therefore enables a quick and reliable identification of individual parts in the warehouse.

Customised for the specific requirement

Individual packaging – this means that we develop a premium-quality individual packaging solution for your order. Perfectly customised and tailored to your requirements and wishes. After additional edge protection? Or, want to protect the surface of sensitive plates? No problem. We design individual packaging or an appropriate plate packaging that meets the highest safety requirements for material and transport. Measures such as these reliably secure your stainless steel products for transport. The identification of the individual packaging using barcodes or other clear identifiers also ensures that they can always be identified during transport. Despite the plate packaging, products can be assigned to certain lots and stored or removed from storage accordingly.

Significant savings potentials

In case of products that we have machined and which are ready for installation or use, individual packaging provides additional important services: the plate packaging allows the product to be delivered to your customers without any additional work steps. This results in significant savings potentials when handling high-quality stainless steel products. But, even if the parts require further processing, individual packaging still provides significant benefits: effective protection against damage, easy identification and quick integration into existing production processes create more efficient workflows with the associated savings potentials.

The options available for the secure packaging of stainless steel in consideration of the logistics requirements are best discussed in a personal conversation. Our experts are always happy to listen to your wishes and provide advice and support. In discussion with you, we determine the appropriate individual packaging and the necessary plate packaging. If you have already designed an individual packaging, we would be pleased to check the extent to which we can integrate this into our production and logistics process as quickly as possible. 

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