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High-quality material for forming

Innovative sheet metal working partner

Deep drawing, bending, rolling, punching or swaging – metal forming is one of the core areas of modern industrial processes. Demanding activities such as these not only require well-qualified employees, but also powerful machinery. These are among the reasons why we consider formers to be true experts in machining metals.

We are partners and problem solvers for converters

We have been supporting formers with upstream and downstream sheet metal working for many years. As an efficient contract manufacturer, we also take over sheet metal working activities in a range of areas for regional and national formers, such as floor manufacturers. Working together as partners, our high-quality sheet metal working activities for formers contribute to our clients' market success.

  • Forming

Powerful partner for formers

We have extensive experience in sheet metal working before or after the forming of stainless steel and metal parts and are a reliable, versatile and innovative partner that has proven its capabilities on numerous occasions. Many formers outsource machining steps and entrust us with further sheet metal working. For example, on the basis of maximum precision and absolute reliability, we have actively assisted formers during order peaks and have processed orders in compliance with the necessary quality criteria.

We are not only certified in accordance with standard DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 for our sheet metal working, quality management is an important part of all areas of our activities and involves comprehensive documentation obligations that benefit formers in their process chains. As you can see, seamless documentation obligations are part of our everyday working life. This means that we can work with our clients from the forming sector at eye level. We also have the relevant certifications and work with quality management systems.

Rapid delivery capacity

In the forming sector, we are not just renowned for our high-quality sheet metal working; in fact, amongst formers, we are known just as well for our stock competence as our sheet metal working. Our modern high-bay warehouse has an extremely good reputation across the sector – not least because we have the best-stocked warehouse across the entire industry. The centrepiece of our company stocks around 3,000 tonnes of certified rust-, acid- and heat-resistant stainless steel plates in all established current standards for formers.

Thanks to our reliable and smooth processes, we can also offer formers rapid delivery capacity. Stock goods are prepared for shipping by our logistics department shortly after the order is received and are then transported to the formers. If formers are after upstream sheet metal working, they also do not need to fear any delays, as the parts are prepared for transport immediately after sheet metal working and are subsequently delivered.

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