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Higher performance for the paper industry

Reliable partner in sheet metal working

Numerous companies in the paper industry have been relying on our performance in the field of sheet metal processing for many years. A broad product and service portfolio makes us a strong, reliable and valued partner of the paper industry. Regardless of whether it's high-quality stainless steel sheets or tasks in sheet metal processing - you can always rely on us. We manufacture quality - and do so with meticulousness and the highest precision.

How we meet the requirements of the paper industry

Clients from the paper industry cannot only rely on our experience - modern machinery also enables us to process sheet metal to a high standard. This enables us to supply stainless steel sheets that meet the requirements in terms of temperature, alkali and acid resistance. At the same time, the modern production processes put us in a position to react flexibly and quickly to customer requests from our clients in the paper industry. This is how we support you as a holistic problem solver.

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Rapid response to customer requests

We quickly respond to all customer requests in sheet metal working for the paper industry with a clear focus on solutions. This aspect is becoming increasingly important in light of the market requirements. The same is true for our comprehensive stock. As well as sheet metal working for the paper industry, our modern high-bay warehouse is a unique feature and is considered the best-stocked in the sector. Around 3,000 tonnes of certified rust-, acid- and heat-resistant stainless steel plates in all established current standards provide flexibility in sheet metal working and also form the basis for our ability to ship stock goods at short notice. This benefits our customers from the paper industry as well as companies from numerous other sectors.

Certified sheet metal working

Our customers from the paper industry benefit from our diverse sheet metal working options and receive high-quality stainless steel products. All steps of the process are accompanied by continuous quality controls. This creates transparency in sheet metal working and gives the paper industry a detailed insight into our high production level. At the same time, the documentation of all steps of the process as well as all other processes provides the basis for our certification in accordance with standard DIN EN ISO 9001:2008.

Delivery capacity at short notice

Our customers from the paper industry appreciate our wide range of options as well as the high quality of our sheet metal working activities. Because, our comprehensive range in stock means that we can flexibly respond to customer requests and ensure straightfoward deliveries at short notice. Ordered stock goods are transferred to logistics immediately after ordering, where they are professionally prepared for transport. TOP CARE, TOP CLEAN and TOP SAFETY give our customers from the paper industry numerous options for providing additional security for the transportation of particularly sensitive parts.

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