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TOP PROCESS – precise and punctual documentation

Prompt further processing of semi-finished products

We offer our customers a range of services relating to storage, delivery and the further processing of stainless steel plates. TOP PROCESS refers to our precise and punctual documentation service.

Good documentation creates process reliability and secures the production flow

As the further processing of the semi-finished products that we deliver is often not even possible without documentation, we promptly send our customers the necessary documents, including electronically if this is preferred. This supports a swift production flow for our customers.

Seamless documentation of all work steps

According to their definition, semi-finished products are raw materials that have undergone initial processing. Our stainless steel plate processing activities include various cutting and grinding processes, while sawing or levelling processes are also frequently used. When you as the customer order stainless steel components, this is generally a specific and customised order. This means that we manufacture and prepare the semi-finished products for delivery to your company or your workshop. The same applies if you order stainless steel plates for individual further processing. Elementary parameters, such as those described, are recorded in our seamless documentation.

Documentation enables immediate further processing

Without seamless documentation, it is difficult to clearly assign individual parts after delivery, especially for more extensive orders. The perfect documentation of semi-finished products enables immediate further processing and supports the on-site processes. To prevent delays from happening in the first place, we not only guarantee seamless documentation for our customers, but also punctual delivery. Our customers receive the relevant document within 24 hours.

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