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Modern individually cut steel plates

Intelligent cutting and grinding of stainless steel

Based on a wealth of experience stretching back over 50 years, we are proven experts in stainless-steel plates. Precisely cut stainless steel and the various cutting and grinding options for stainless steel are among our core competencies. We produce and cut customized solutions based on the "Best-in-Class" principle for our customers from a whole range of sectors. This is made possible thanks to our know-how to cut stainless-steel as well as the best-possible cutting of stainless-steel.

The best possible process for cutting stainless steel

Our versatile manufacturing services enable us to cut stainless steel in different ways to meet a wide range of requirements. Given that the size, thickness and quality of stainless-steel plates and components often differ, it is little wonder that several methods for stainless-steel cutting and different stainless-steel cuts exist in parallel. The best possible method is frequently decided in the individual case. This is because the different methods for cutting stainless steel each have their specific advantages and special features. For example, the decision to use a specific method depends heavily on the plate thickness and the subsequent intended use.

Diverse processes for working and processing stainless steel

ROSTFREI-STAHL is competent in all modern separation methods and combines the necessary technological requirements under one roof. This ensures that stainless-steel cuts or grinding activities always make use of the best possible method and that the results of the sheet metal working fully satisfy our customers' expectations.

Our headquarters in Netphen-Deuz are home to modern machinery, with the following options for the efficient and professional machining of stainless-steel plates:

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