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Actions based on fixed values

Obtain relevance amongst the target groups

Fixed values form the basis of all our actions. The unshakeable and enduring core of our brand is the self-assurance with which we approach customers, employees and all the challenges that we encounter. We interact as equal partners and fundamentally align ourselves to the objectives that provide benefits for our customers in their competitive environment. We consider the fact that we, as an owner-operated company, can successfully operate in an environment characterised by groups to be an additional benefit and a key element of our self-assurance. The resulting independence enables us to freely reach decisions with the necessary urgency for the benefit of our customers.

Honesty towards our customers and employees is a fundamental corporate value. This is true for the big picture as well as for detailed issues. We believe that respect for one another demands that we deal honestly with one another at a human and business level. Only then can we create products and services based on the "Best in Class" principle under competitive conditions. Ultimately, we place great value on honesty across the entire company. We have an open approach – and expect the same from our customers and clients. This is especially true if challenges are to be successfully overcome.

In addition to the values described above, we appreciate commitment. This is practised across the company. It gives us direction – and is particularly valued by our customers. As a long-term team player in the internal relationship with our customers, we do not generate our success at the expense of our clients, rather we operate as part of a long-term partnership. We rely on our "quality from experience" and are committed to sustainability. In light of this, we take social responsibility for our employees and the conservation of resources and the protection of the environment are firmly anchored in our actions.

  • Self-assurance


    Act confidently.

  • Honesty


    Direct communication.

  • Commitment


    Binding statements.

  • Sustainability


    Sustained investments in the future.

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